Some Advance Reviews:

  • Take a magical mystery tour through the afterlife of Steve Jobs. An exhilarating read. This book runs the gamut from philosophical depth to whimsical delight. It will keep intellectuals intrigued and the rest of us captivated as well. —Rich Fongheiser, percussionist
  • One of the best things since sliced bread!  Clever and engaging.—Kim Shiner, Brit ex-pat
  • Not only is this a fabulous idea, Skye delivers with a terrific story.  Really looking forward to having The Book of Jobs on the shelf along with other favorites.—Cristina White, author-artist
  • I  read the entire book in one sitting– couldn’t put it down.—Donna Lerew, violinist
  • I LOVE this concept.  Fantastic!—Lucas (posted online)
  • A real page-turner.  Evocative, funny, touching, intriguing.—Donna Chamberlain, lawyer
  • I loved this story and was sad when it ended.  Spectacular.—Lynn Finn-Jones, social worker
  • A gift to the world.—John Koehler, publisher, Koehler Books
  • Oh, the perfect gift for my brother-in-law who is obsessed with Steve Jobs.–Carolyn Baker, book club member
  • This is awesome! I will have to get the book and a copy for my son who is a MAC Systems Engineer. I know he and his Apple buds will love this!—Laurie Ferguson Kitzmiller, artist
  • Loved Skye Atman’s book. A great flight of fancy and I learned some stuff about Steve too.—Martin T. Bell, producer

Amazon Reviews:

  • A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read. I loved traveling with Steve Jobs as he experienced “life” on the cloud and learned many life lessons from historical “geniuses”. Skye Atman is so clever and creative and completely captivated me. I heartily recommend this book.—Susan F. Williams, Oct 22, 2012
  • I highly recommend this book. I enjoyed reading it and was sorry when it ended. It is well-crafted and highly creative as well as very entertaining.—Lynn J F, Oct 24, 2012
  • I had a smile on my face while reading the first line to the last. Ms. Atman’s dry wit is well utilized to tell a tale that is both light and serious. I’m looking forward to my time on The Cloud.—Meghan E. Dibble, Oct 24, 2012
  • This is a clever, imaginative tale describing the arrival of Steve Jobs on The Cloud. It’s not an easy adjustment from his time on earth, but he gets by with a little help from his friends and learns to take the long and winding road a step at a time. The story and its inhabitants are engaging, and – yes – it does make me look forward to my time on The Cloud. Highly recommended.—Lynne T., Oct 24, 2012
  • I gave this book to my 91 year old Dad and he read the story in two days. He’d just read Isaacson’s biography on Jobs and this book by Atman was an imaginary “i-ending” to the death and afterlife of a person who changed the modern world almost singlehandedly. His first comment was that this woman had an incredible imagination to tell such a creative vision of life on the iCloud. He particularly enjoyed the historical references and the intricate weaving of commemorated personalities as they interacted with Jobs on their interim time in limbo. A delightful read!—Carylon Van Essen, Oct 31, 2012
  • Oh, WOW! Loved The Book of Jobs. Atman did a masterful job of intertwining people who have passed on with Steve Jobs as he arrives on The Cloud. It is imaginative, but believable. Great reading.—GLO, Nov 18, 2012
  • Oh, Wow! Oh, Wow! Oh, Wow! LOL! Loved this book from cover to cover!!! What a brilliantly written imaginative story filled with humor and fun facts. One of the few books I want to read again-right away! As a computer novice and not knowing anything about Steve Jobs, I am now a fan and proud owner of a 4G iphone but would like to upgrade soon to be able to talk to Siri ;).  I appreciated the “Cast of Characters” list and am intrigued to do some of my own research to follow up on some of the people, read some of the referenced articles, and listen to the many songs that are worked into the story line. I am recommending this book to everyone I know.—Lynn Rock, Jan 28, 2013
  • I did not want this book to end so I took 5 months to read it. Today the journey…or is it just a beginning. Skye Atman weaves a tale that just tickles your fancy. The way she weaves John Lennon’s song lyrics into the writing, is not only extremely clever, but it puts a smile on your face and a bounce to your step. I loved every page and meeting so many of the people I too admired growing up. Now equipped with my iPad and my iPhone I personally benefit from the genius that is Steve Jobs. I’m also in love with Siri.—Ellen D. Richards, Feb 25, 2013
  • It was a great read. Especially enjoyed the references, the music, the history and of course, the Geniuses. Such details made me feel like I was right there with them. Enjoyed it.—Citykat, May 1, 2013

Goodreads Reviews:

  • A charming romp through The Cloud! Take the afterlife journey with Steven and dozens of familiar characters. A fun read.—Rachel Warner
  • What a fun book! I like Steve’s transition from this earthly life to the afterlife. The cast of characters is so interesting! After reading about Steve in serious context, this was almost believable. His character was captured very well! I received this book from Goodreads, free.—Melissa B.
  • I wasn’t sure I would enjoy this book, but I really did! I read it cover to cover in two days! Highly recommend it!—Loren

Writer Hooked on Books: April 2013, reviewed by Nanette McGuinness

      An entertaining, punny send-up, The Book of Jobs: what Steve is doing on The Cloud pokes gentle fun at one of Silicon Valley’s most beloved figures, Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Author Skye Atman keeps her tongue firmly stuck in her cheek as she gathers up icons of mostly 20th century history and pop culture to answer a question that inquiring minds and stalwart Jobs fans have undoubtedly been begging to know and dying to discover: When Steve Jobs left for the afterlife, aka The Cloud, would the afterlife ever be the same?

Without stooping to excessive spoilers-lest I ruin readers’ fun-suffice it to say that in the colorless Cloud that Atman paints of the afterlife (inhabitants have their choice of only black or white, per orders handed down from the Big Guy), Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Martha Graham, Jim Henson, Albert Einstein and a heavenly host of deceased geniuses help ease Jobs’ transition away from life on Earth while he labors assiduously to improve organization up in The Cloud and meet with the Big Guy. Along the way, Jobs gets a “Magical Mystery Tour” “Across the Universe,” plans a party, meets Lennon’s lovely assistants Lucy, Prudence, Michelle, Eleanor, and Rita, finds out about reincarnation and encounters the goddess Siri.

A charmingly delightful romp of a read.

Book Review by Courtney Bauman: August 1, 2013

      By the title, I am sure you all can assume that this book is about Steve Jobs. You would be correct. It is a work of fiction that explores Steve’s time in a place that is sort of like a heaven.

      In his time there he learns the rules of the place, and encounters many famous figures along the way. His struggle is that he wants to figure out how to reincarnate sooner than his allotted time because he wants to make sure that his company is run correctly as long as the construction of their new building.

      It is a fun book to read, very light-hearted and interesting. The writer did very good research to make it close to character for Steve and the others you meet along the way.

      If you are an Apple fan or a fan of Steve Jobs, it could be a fun read to pick up. It isn’t very long, so it won’t devour a lot of your time. 5/5 it was fun. I found it entertaining.

        Readers Comments:

          • Profound and delicious story.—Salomon
          • I enjoyed the book, although I wasn’t expecting a religious allegory; it’s like a modern-day Pilgrims Progress.—Bob
          • Why isn’t physicist Richard Feynman included in the Geniuses on The Cloud?—Jim
          • Finished the book and enjoyed it a lot. You have an amazing imagination: tackling such an iconic figure and humanizing him through a lively and delightful story–not to mention getting us all thinking about the possibility (?) of reincarnation. I liked the way you eased him out of his arrogance when he was a newcomer to the Cloud–into the acceptance of his new kind of existence. And much fun with the interactions with John Lennon and Einstein, et al.—Nell

    And two complimentary rejections!

            • I was intrigued by your manuscript…we accept only a very few works of fiction per year…—Bellevue Literary Press
            • I wish you the best of luck finding a more suitable publisher for this compelling story.—Heyday Books

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            • Winter 2012 selection of The Redding Neighbors and Newcomers Book Club (Redding, CT)
            • On the list for consideration by a San Francisco Book Club