Skye Atman became a writer by necessity. Her early schooling in Alaska was courtesy of the Calvert School in Baltimore, MD. A box of school supplies, books, and a year of lesson plans arrived in the mail with instructions to write out all assignments and mail them back. At the end of the semester the mail plane brought a red binder containing those same assignments, with corrections, suggestions for improvement, and a friendly letter from the teacher.

Powell Library, UCLASkye received an MLS from the UCLA Graduate School of Library and Information Science.  Thesis title: “Orchestral Music in Public Libraries”. She founded and served for ten years as president of Documentation Associates, the first information services company on the West Coast, where she was chief editor, indexer, and proofreader.

Her published works include:

  • Chronicles of an Information Company” in On-Line Review, 1/1, Mar 1977, p. 39-42.
  • Of OOBE’s and Aga” in Aquarian Changes, 7/1, 1985, p. 15-17, reprinted in The Inner Guide to Meditation by Edwin C. Steinbrecher, 6th edition, Samuel Weiser, 1988, p. 87-90.
  • Report of the National Conference on Youth Suicide: June 19-20, 1985, Washington, D.C. – Norman L. Farberow, Skye Atman, and Ana Thorne

Combining her love of books and music, she has translated Hermann Keller’s Die Klavierwerke Bachs, cataloged classical music recordings for radio station KUSC, compiled a catalogue of over 250 compositions by pianist John Ogdon, written program/sleeve notes, and indexed and edited a series of six books on British composers for Thames Publications, London.

Skye Atman lives in Berkeley and has recently completed her first novel, The Book of Jobs.