Music Reviews

SteinwayOpera Frontier
The Palace Hotel, October 2012
I was impressed with Skye Atman’s playing, and especially enjoyed the “Moonlight Sonata”, which she played so sensitively and dramatically.
—Donald Pippin, Founder and Artistic Director, Pocket Opera

Histoire du Soldat and Renard
Oakland Opera Theater, October 2008
…this ensemble has three standouts: Skye Atman on piano, Chris Grady on trumpet and Andy Strain on trombone. Renard calls for cimbalom (dulcimer) — replicated on the open strings of the piano by the Oakland Opera’s pianist Skye Atman – to evoke the sounds of the traditional Russian gusli.
— William Quillan, SF Classical Voice

Queenie Pie
Oakland Opera Theater, May 2008
Oakland Opera’s Skye Atman was a key member in this project. She doggedly researched the origins of Queenie Pie, which eventually lead to a compilation score based on versions found among the Ellington papers at UC Irvine and the Smithsonian.
— Jim Harrington, East Bay Express

Turn of the Screw
Oakland Opera Theater, October 2007
The 13-piece orchestra conducted by Deirdre McClure is what makes this a production not to be missed. Featured artists are…especially Skye Atman on piano and celeste.
Joe Kempkes, The Laney Tower

Bluebeard’s Castle
Shoebox Opera, 2007
In this performance the score used was Bartok’s difficult piano reduction.  The miraculous Skye Atman played the piano…Bartok’s piano reduction should have been written for two pianists, each with three hands.
— Jaime Robles, Piedmont Post

Les Enfants Terrible
Oakland Opera Theatre, October 2006
The three pianists (Skye Atman, Paul Caccamo, and Kymry Esainko) weighted the harmonies deftly.
— Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

…performed on three grand pianos in front of the stage by pianists Skye Atman, Paul Caccamo and Kymry Esainko, the music sounded dense, textured and mesmerizing–the way only Glass can.
— Georgia Rowe, The Times

The last thing you expect to see…in a converted warehouse are three concert grand pianos…dishing out hypnotic Phillip Glass. They alone are worth the price of admission...
— Erin Blackwell, Bay Area Reporter

The pianists, Skye Atman, Paul Caccamo, and Daniel Lockert, all deserve combat pay for their work.
— Michael Zwiebach, SF Classical Voice

Malcolm X
Oakland Opera Theater, June 2006
…the small uncredited orchestra played its heart out, Skye Atman and Victoria Theodore at the keyboards dazzled with their steely virtuoso performances.
— Janos Gereben, Inside Bay Area

The superb orchestra, hidden away in a loft, under the musical direction of Deirdre McClure with the assistance of Skye Atman, brilliantly plays a spectrum of musical forms, including touches of jazz which the composer hoped would parallel the history that unfolds, with excellent work by trumpeter, vibraphonist, bass and drums, reeds and keyboards.
— Ken Bullock, Berkeley Daily Planet

I would like to dedicate this production to Skye Atman. With Malcolm X we were met with some unexpected challenges that would have been impossible to overcome without her generosity and commitment. She is truly the back bone of the Oakland Opera, who has graced us with her talent, patience, friendship, and dedication for many years now. I look forward to many more. Thank you, Skye.
– Tom Dean, Artistic Director, Oakland Opera Theater

The Consul
North Bay Opera, 2005
…a remarkable orchestra. The piano (Skye Atman) is so prominent and its line is so dramatic that I was going to call the piano the 14th lead.
— Marilyn Mantay, Daily Republic Correspondent

La Belle et La Bete
Oakland Opera Theater, September 2005
…special mention must be made of the musicians, especially of Shain Carrasco (cello), Lylia Guion (violin) and, first among equals, assistant music director Skye Atman, outdoing Glass himself in expression…
— Janos Gereben
, Oakland Tribune

Carmel Music Society Vocal Competition, 2003
The 2003 Grand Prize winner, mezzo-soprano Sonia Gariaeff’s…best moments were in her group of three Debussy songs where she generated considerable charm–the marvelous, sensitive playing of pianist Skye Atman added much to the performance.
— Lyn Bronson, Review of Musical Events on the Monterey Peninsula

Three Sisters Who Are Not Sisters
Oakland Opera Theater, 2003
Skye Atman was a clear and responsive accompanist at the piano.
— Michael Zwiebach, SF Classical Voice

The Music Lesson
Marin Theatre Company, September 2002
The beauty and emotive power of the music are a large part of it in the expert rendition of musical director Skye Atman on piano and Wieslaw Pogorzelski on violin…The actors mime playing invisible instruments…her fingerings are a perfect match for Atman’s sensitive renderings.
— Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

The play begins with a short work by Bach, beautifully rendered by pianist Skye Atman and violinist Wieslaw Pogorzelski.
— Charles Brousse, Marin Independent Journal

Frida and Her Diego
Brava! For Women in the Arts, San Francisco, 1993
…the music was both powerful and beautiful. Pianist-composer Skye Atman’s skillful arrangement of moving melodic anger and flowing dance music exemplified great skill and command of her medium.
— Andrea Palmieri, Berkeley Voice

Under the Arches
(British music hall revue), the Ross Valley Players, 1992
Musical talent abounds, starting with musical director Skye Atman at the piano.
— Shawn Connally, Marin Independent Journal

Purcell Room, South Bank, London, 1990
The comparison of different settings of the same poems…requires a blend of versatility and charisma for success in concert…qualities amply demonstrated in this programme given by the American soprano Susan Baraban accompanied by Skye Atman.
— Malcolm Miller, Music and Musicians

La Nuit d’Ete
Chalcot Gardens, Hampstead, London, 1989
…flute sonata by Kathy Henkel was performed with sparkle by flautist David Miller and pianist Skye Atman. The accompaniment from Atman was excellent as was her playing (with Miller) in a Bach sonata.
— Phillip Sommerich, Ham and High

The Rose Trio (Donna Lerew, violin, Rebecca Parker, cello, Skye Atman, piano)
I have never before experienced such a thrilling chamber music concert, or perhaps was never so much aware of the cooperation between participants and their instruments.  A magical evening.

Remembering the trio’s beautiful music, radiant faces, and loving relationships.  We are so grateful.

What a simply wonderful evening the Rose Trio treated us to.  Your music creates a restorative atmosphere.

I loved the enthusiasm and vitality that emanated from each artist in the trio.  Thank you so much for a wonderful concert.