Peace through Song

This event is on December 2, 2005 8:00pm

Oakland Opera Theater concert production exploring anti-war compositions of the 20th century. Featuring Johnny Johnson, a rarely performed opera by Kurt Weill and Paul Green. With songs about WWI and WWII by Kurt Weill, Mary Watkins, John Jacob Niles, Hans Eisler, Pesach Kaplan, and selections from The Good Soldier Schweik, an anti-WWI opera by Robert Kurka. Stage direction by Tom Dean. Musical direction by Deirdre McClure. Chorus preparation by Susan Swerdlow.
Ensemble: Shain Carrasco on cello, banjo, guitar; Cornelius Boots on clarinet and bass clarinet; Chris Grady on trumpet; John Hanes percussion; and Skye Atman, keyboard. (3 performances)

At Oakland Metro Operahouse 201 Broadway, Oakland CA